SMUG 3 tonight and Aztral on the Salt Cast!? Poggies
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SMUG 3 tonight and Aztral on the Salt Cast!? Poggies

SMUG 3 tonight and Aztral on the Salt Cast!? Poggies

I cannot believe it's Monday morning and SMUG 3 is tonight. I feel like I time traveled from SMUG 2 to this point, with two late night NA Grid broadcasts with SSG, and Salt Cast last week 😅. If you've been following along on Johnny's Twitter, you know we've been announcing stacked matchups and respective trailers. Most recently the Comm vs Sharrieff match, which is going to be mind melting for sure.

There's still so much SMUG 3 content that's coming tonight, I'm hype on this event. If you haven't followed Johnnyboi_i on Twitter yet, now is always a good time to start making smarter life decisions.

SMUG Content This Week

Our boy Jens did a great SMUG 2 writeup last week if you're wondering what happened with some of those matchups.

SMUG 2: Match-ups Made In Heaven
Catch all the SMUG events live on Johnnyboi_i’s Twitch channel[]. SMUG is well underwaySMUG 1 was a great success, but it was just the start. Johnnyboi_i andSmellsworth bring you the biggest 1v1 Rocket League promotion of all time: SaltMine Underground. Eight bi…

We recorded a Salt Cast episode with Aztral and it's one of my favorite episodes. He came ready to share about everything and gave us some behind the scenes stories about the legendary French Rocket League scene. The Salt Cast is live every week on my Twitch channel and uploaded to my YouTube + podcast audio platforms every week. GarrettG's episode coming very soon.

Alright my salty people, set your calendars for December 7th - 12pm EST / 6pm CET, when SMUG 3 kicks-off. See you tonight!

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