SMUG 3: Friends Turn To Rivals
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SMUG 3: Friends Turn To Rivals

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From Companions To Competitors

Friends become rivals in the third installment of SMUG. Johnnyboi_i and Smellsworth bring you the biggest 1v1 Rocket League promotion of all time: Salt Mine Underground. Eight biweekly events with exciting show matches for you to enjoy, with quite a bit of prize money on the line. Overall, SMUG boasts a prize pool of $60,000, sponsored by Psyonix. Every event will feature a variety of content creators and pro players in close match-ups. The winner takes home $1000, the loser gets $250 and a fat L.

If you’ve missed the first event, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Missed SMUG 2? With the links below, you can watch it all back spoiler-free - as long as you avoid reading the comments. But if you decide to read on, be warned: spoilers ahead!

Liquipedia | Octane

The Undercard

Event 3 - Undercard

Cailee vs. Stumpy

The streamers were backing their confidence by raising the stakes: Stumpy is prepared to give up his TV show if he loses, but he wants to take Cailee's boyfriend, the former pro and handsome gentleman Snaski, if he wins the series.

The first four minutes of game 1 seem to go back and forth, until tragedy strikes for Stumpygoblin. The score is 4-4, Cailee takes the ball across the field, nearing Stumpy's goal, when Stumpy gets the demolition onto Cailee - just in time, it seems. The ball rolls up the backboard, just to the side of the goal, and Stumpy considers himself safe for the moment. He turns off ball cam, and goes for the corner boost. The moment he turns around, he is shocked to see the ball bounce on his goal line. The spin on the ball makes it fall towards the back of the net, outside of Stumpy's reach. An easy clear was prevented by a hunger for boost. This goal will haunt Stumpy for weeks, or more. Maybe he will never fully recover from it.

The ending to game 1 truly was a mental blow to Stumpy, because game 2 saw Cailee dominating the field. She figured out how to take advantage at the right times, and left nothing for Stumpy. The 7-0 scoreline is tells you all you need to know about that game. Stumpy never got the chance to come back from that, and Cailee closed out the series in just three games.

JZR vs. Mertzy

JZR is not just known for his freestyling capabilities since the days of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battlecars, Rocket League's predecessor - he also has experience in the pro scene, as a substitute for FlipSid3 Tactics, and later on at DreamHack Leipzig 2018 and 2019. Nowadays, he’s a streamer for NRG Esports. Mertzy is also mostly known for his Youtube content and his freestyling skills. Mertzy has a lot of respect for JZR, and he is scared of JZR's kickoffs. JZR, on the other hand, knows he needs to be careful of Mertzy's flicks. They each know what they're good at, and made it their goal to play to their own strengths.

Mertzy faked JZR into committing for a save early in game 1, but he just missed the open net afterwards. Mertzy made his other mindgames count, though, and got the lead, despite a crazy flick from JZR. Mertzy didn't have the same success in the second game, and his risky challenges didn't pay off. It's hard to win against a warmed up JZR. Mertzy got close again in game 3 and almost got the comeback, but JZR kept the lead in style. The players kept the best game for last. Even though Mertzy never had the lead in game 4, he pulled out his best plays to make it hard on JZR, who just managed to take the game and the series.

Revezy vs. LuiisP

Hailing from England, Revezy comes back to defend the reputation he’s earned in showmatches on Johnnyboi_i’s stream. He’s an excellent 1v1 player, with even some success in 3v3, as he played in the first RLCS Regional Event of the Fall Split. The Spanish LuiisP plays for Wolves Esports in the RLCS, but he also has great 1v1 qualities. Revezy was a little worried about his kickoffs before the games, which is something LuiisP would have to exploit to win against such a well-rounded player.

As the games progressed, it became clear that Revezy's play has very few errors to exploit, though. He looked sharp at every turn. LuiisP looked like he needed some more time to get warmed up in the series, but Revezy didn't give him a proper chance to get into the games, with the sheer speed he was playing at. Sure, the second game was closer than the first, but Revezy kept the upper hand. Only in game 3, LuiisP found a way to get past Revezy. Not for long, though. Revezy on match point kept his composure and didn't concede too much. LuiisP played great, but never got given a chance.

Comm vs. Sharrieff

For the fourth match-up of the day, SMUG moved over to NA. Version1 player Comm had never watched any previous showmatches featuring Sharrieff, and they never played each other in a match like this before either. So, it was difficult to indicate a clear favourite in this match-up between Comm and the showmatch veteran Sharrieff. Both players are calling on their creative strengths to throw off their opponent and take the win.

Despite scoring multiple flip reset goals, Comm does not get the lead in game 1. Racing back to net and guarding the goal-line is what Sharrieff in the game. Game 2 was just as close as the first one, but this time Comm gets the one goal needed to win in the last minute. Johnnyboi_i called this one: once Comm got settled, he wouldn’t give Sharrieff the space needed to make plays and create opportunities on his own. Even though Comm won three games in a row after the first game, this was the closest series of SMUG 3. Every game ended in 5-4, with the final goal scored in overtime.

AlphaKep vs. majicbear

This match-up, it’s two RLCS pro players battling it out. AlphaKep, on XSET, is known as a physical 1v1 player. He can use air bumps to their maximum potential, but lately he has tried to mix it up more. He’s got majicbear to beat. Alpine’s wunderkind is renowned for his creativity. All it comes down to now, is execution.

The first game was rather low-scoring with only six goals, four of which went the way of majicbear. He came out swinging in game 1 and 2, while AlphaKep needed a few games to warm up. Game 3 was more to AlphaKep’s liking, scoring eight goals to win. He almost got to equalising the series, but majicbear was too confident on match point. All was decided by an overtime in game 4, making it a 3-1 series for majicbear.

Main Event 3

oKhaliD vs. Fahad77

The Sandrock Gaming player oKhaliD, infamous for his bounce dribbles and deadly flicks, takes on the fellow Saudi Arabian Fahad77. Fahad77 made an insane run through The Gold Mine, where he beat Fairy Peak! in the grand finals. Now, he’s back to defend his 1v1 honour in SMUG.

The level of 1v1 plays these players are capable of cannot be described with words – you have to see it for yourself. At the highest level of 1v1, oKhaliD is not the only one with deadly flicks. Fahad77 opened the first game with flicks of his own, that are just as lethal. His opponent didn’t give him an inch to work with, though. Every play from Fahad77, oKhaliD seemed to have an answer to. Fahad77 could have taken the first two games, but oKhaliD managed to stay ahead by one goal in the end.

While the first two games were close, oKhaliD took complete control in the third game. Even taking the lead in game 4 didn’t save Fahad77, as he loses the series in overtime. Fahad77 played amazingly throughout the series, but it wasn’t enough against his countryman. oKhaliD showed why he’s so feared in the 1v1 arena and proved to be unstoppable. A 4-0 sweep was the inevitable result.

Looking Ahead: SMUG 4

SMUG 4 is kicking off on Sunday, December 27th, with more thrilling match-ups. Some OG players take to the stage to fight for their share of the prize pool and the pride of defeating their rivals in front of all their fans.


Markydooda vs. Paschy90
Kronovi vs. Karma
Flakes vs. OSM
CJCJ vs. Evample
Forky vs. Arsenal
AztraL vs. ApparentlyJack


December 27th, 12pm EST / 6pm CET


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