SMUG 2: Match-ups Made In Heaven
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SMUG 2: Match-ups Made In Heaven

SMUG 2: Match-ups Made In Heaven

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SMUG is well underway

SMUG 1 was a great success, but it was just the start. Johnnyboi_i and Smellsworth bring you the biggest 1v1 Rocket League promotion of all time: Salt Mine Underground. Eight biweekly events with exciting show matches for you to enjoy, with quite a bit of prize money on the line. Overall, SMUG boasts a prize pool of $60,000, sponsored by Psyonix. Every event will feature a variety of content creators and pro players in close match-ups. The winner takes home $1000, the loser gets $250 and a fat L.

If you’ve missed the first event, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Missed SMUG 2? With the links below, you can watch it all back spoiler-free - as long as you avoid reading the comments. But if you decide to read on, be warned: spoilers ahead!

Liquipedia | Octane

The Undercard

FLuuMP vs. CBell

The battle of the Youtubers starts off this incredible SMUG 2. But don’t just dismiss their skills in the game because they didn’t find their fame in competition. In game 1, CBell immediately showed he doesn’t just have one of the fastest growing Rocket League YouTube channels, but also some nice 1v1 skills. FLuuMP is playing from Hawaii, which means the match started at 7am for him, and he looked well rested.

FLuuMP and CBell had a lot of respect for each other on the field, and the plays went back and forth in game 2. Neither player kept their momentum for long, which gives every game its own unique feel. CBell came out with more initiative to move up the field and put the pressure on FLuuMP. It’s enough for CBell to win game 3, and take the series to match point.

FLuuMP opened game 4 by hitting the ball into his own net, and CBell looked to close out the series. But FLuuMP tied up the game with with three seconds left, and quickly scored the overtime winner with the best goal of the series. A brilliant comeback from FLuuMP to go to game 5. When it matters most, it’s CBell who kept composure and won the series. He’s so happy with his win, he knocked over his YouTube silver play button in his celebration.

Sizz vs. Rizzo

This series promised all the banter and trash talk in the world. Sizz and Rizzo are long-time friends and seasoned 2v2 partners, who both have been around the RLCS for ages. Rizzo has been a part of G2 Esports for close to four years, and Sizz has coached NRG to a world championship. But don’t let their friendship fool you - they never go easy on each other. Prior to the games, Sizz explained he would try to beat Rizzo at his own game, by going for lots of bumps and demos. Rizzo, on the other hand, wanted to silence Sizz by taking away his boost.

Rizzo comes out with air dribbles to start off the series, and trips up Sizz on the goal line. Rizzo takes a hefty lead in game 1, but not because Sizz isn’t playing up to par. Rizzo is just so quick to the ball, dribbling and shooting whenever he can. Between the games, Rizzo grabbed his pillow and blanket - he’s sleeping on Sizz. He shouldn’t have, though, because Sizz takes game 2 away from him. Sizz may have retired as a player, but he’s still been playing the game. Sizz made all the right decisions to fend off Rizzo for as long as possible, and Rizzo only wins the series 3-2 with just one goal difference in game 5.

Trex vs. Zamué

These 1v1 maniacs have quite the history between them. A month ago, Nordavind’s Trex met Zamué twice in the closed qualifier for The Gold Mine. The first match went back and forth, with a lot of goals in every game. Trex got the better of Zamué that time, but the next round they would meet again. The winner of that series would qualify for the finals. There, Zamué got his win and showed he’s not just a successful 3v3 player, currently being fourth in Europe with Giants Gaming. Zamué eliminated Trex four games to one. So, in this SMUG match-up, Trex gets a chance to make up for his defeat and get revenge.

And again, neither player can run away with the series. Both the Norwegian and the Spaniard pull out highly mechanical attacks, and just as impressive defensive moves. Early on in the series, Trex manages to put more pressure on Zamué, and he takes the first two games. By game three, Zamué seems to find more confidence to challenge Trex, and his challenges lead to more scoring opportunities. Zamué threatens the reverse sweep in game 5, but Trex gets the better of him, and gets his revenge 3-2.

Gengar vs. Mectos

This match-up also has the potential for revenge. Gengar and mectos played each other in The Gold Mine, where mectos closed out the win after being 3-1 down in the series. The mechanical mectos was too strong for Gengar’s game plan that time, but Gengar felt confident he could take his rival down this time.

Mectos, the latest addition to the Ghost Gaming roster, is an experienced 1v1 player who even played in the first Salt Mine event, a year ago. His quick plays to switch it up created chances for him to take advantage of, and mectos takes the first game, and just gets the second game in overtime. But soon enough, he loses his grip on the games, and Gengar seizes the momentum.

Gengar, who plays on Divine, uses unique camera settings. He has almost everything on maximum, which gives him an overview of the field like no one else. He spots mectos behind the ball and runs with it. Delayed flicks, and even a wavedash into a demo, shut out mectos and secure the reverse sweep for Gengar.

Alpha54 vs. M0nkey M00n

This rivalry isn’t contained to the 1v1 scene, as Alpha54 and M0nkey M00n are fighting to be the best team in Europe on Renault Vitality and Team BDS. People who follow the RLCS have seen the great rise of these players, as they evolved to world-class competitors. But they’ve been around the scene for longer than that, and are both renowned for their 1v1 play.

This series looked a lot different from the previous four match-ups in SMUG 2. All the ones before had gone all the way to game 5, but M0nkey M00n had other plans. Alpha54 opened the score with an incredible flick, but M0nkey M00n quickly took control of the first game. And the game after that, and the third game too. Alpha54 didn’t just give up, and fought back a number of times. A valiant effort, but by the time game 3 came around, it was clear that M0nkey M00n was playing on another level, and he finished the series 3-0.

Main Event

Lionblaze vs. Mile

Another Ghost Gaming player took to the pitch for the main event, as LionBlaze takes on former G2 substitute Mile, who currently plays with Luke and Forky on Sippin’ Ice Cubes. LionBlaze is dominating the 1v1 ranked leaderboards, only behind oKhaliD. But Mile has been climbing the rankings too. What makes this match-up especially interesting is their clashing playstyles. Mile just wants to pepper the net with shot after shot, until he breaks the defence. LionBlaze is more defensive, but also feels comfortable dribbling and flicking with ball control in the opponent’s half.

Even though LionBlaze knew what to expect from Mile, the offensive pressure was too much to handle. Both players were feeling confident, but Mile converted that confidence to goals the most. LionBlaze kept the scores close throughout the games, and even took Mile to overtime in game 2, but Mile’s astounding pressure had LionBlaze on the back foot every time. LionBlaze didn’t get the chance to change his playstyle, as Mile was reading everything he did. A 4-0 sweep against LionBlaze is an impressive feat, and Mile can be proud of his performance.

Looking Ahead: SMUG 3

After two successful SMUG events, the next one is just around the corner. SMUG 3 is kicking off on Monday, December 7th, with more thrilling match-ups. Content creators and 1v1 legends alike will fight for their share of the prize pool and the pride of defeating their rivals in front of all their fans.


Cailee vs. StumpyGoblin
JZR vs. Mertzy
Revezy vs. LuiisP
AlphaKep vs majicbear
Comm vs Sharrieff
oKhaliD vs. Fahad77


December 7th, 12pm EST / 6pm CET


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