SMUG 1: Be Careful was a banger
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SMUG 1: Be Careful was a banger

SMUG 1: Be Careful was a banger

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Welcome to SMUG

After the Gold Mine, Johnnyboi_i and Smellsworth bring you the biggest 1v1 Rocket League promotion of all time: Salt Mine Underground. Eight biweekly events with exciting show matches for you to enjoy, with quite a bit of prize money on the line. Overall, SMUG boasts a prize pool of $60,000, sponsored by Psyonix. Every event will feature a variety of content creators and pro players in close match-ups. The winner takes home $1000, the loser gets $250 and a fat L.

The first SMUG event is themed “Be Careful!”, as it builds up to the main event: a clash between Joreuz and Fairy Peak!. Joreuz challenges the French 1v1-player, who famously typed “Be careful!” to his rival oKhaliD before beating him in the Fusion 1v1 finals. Will Joreuz be careful and figure out how to beat the 1v1 legend?

If you’ve missed the first event, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered with a quick summary. With the links above, you can watch your favorite players battle it out. If you just want to watch one exciting series, consider the main event, or Jessie vs. Kaydop. But if you decide to read on, be warned: spoilers ahead!

Missed the games? Here you can watch it all back spoiler-free - as long as you avoid reading the comments.

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The Undercard

Athena vs. SunlessKhan

SMUG 1 kicked off with two popular community figures, Athena and SunlessKhan. Athena attracts a large audience on Twitch, with her outgoing personality and engaging Rocket League action. She is affiliated with G2 Esports, and hosts The Grid for G2 as well. SunlessKhan is part of Spacestation Gaming, and is mostly known for his YouTube content. Gaining popularity with his series Why You Suck at Rocket League and Guess That Rank, he’s one of the top Rocket League YouTubers, with almost 1.5 million subscribers.

Athena and Sunless can certainly pull off some good plays, even when they’re not as consistent as higher ranked players. That’s what they showed in this series as well. They both focused heavily on their offense, which led to some high-scoring games. Even on defense, both players were challenging the ball as much as possible to get the ball out of their half and to take back possession.

Both players managed to get some good dribbles going, and scored great flicks. Sunless took to trash talking Twitch chat: “I could clap everyone in chat, especially the Champ 2 Forky fans”, right before missing an open net himself. Sunless going for every ball created a lot of opportunities for both sides to score. For the people who expected SunlessKhan to win this easily, it was much closer than expected. In the end, SunlessKhan brought a little more ball control to win the series 3-1.

Spoodah vs. Musty

Spoodah and Musty, being mainly content creators, have both ventured into the pro scene a little. Spoodah was the substitute for the Soniqs and Omelette; Musty just fell short of qualifying for RLCS X, but he’s still with NRG as a content creator. They played each other before at Twitch Rivals, and now they met in a 1v1. They’re Supersonic Legends, but a show match like this is a completely different story than ranked games.

The desk predicted Spoodah to take the win, but they underestimated Musty's calculated dribbles and flicks. Despite failing a lot of his more mechanical plays in the first games, Musty made the comeback from five goals down in game 2, to win 6-7. But maybe more importantly, Musty scored the musty flick we all wanted to see.

Game 3 saw Spoodah taking the lead again, and this time he just about keeps it under control. Spoodah gets four quick goals in the first minute of game 4, but he loses focus again. In the next two minutes, Musty ties it all up and wins the series 3-1. It was definitely close, though, as three out of four games were decided by one goal.

Kaydop vs. Jessie

Jessie was full of confidence after coming in as the substitute for Dignitas, and beating Kaydop on Vitality in The Grid. He called out Kaydop for this 1v1, saying “Kaydop just isn’t that good”. They are both avid streamers alongside their professional careers. With thousands of French viewers tuning in to his stream, Kaydop has the second largest average viewership of any Rocket League streamer, only behind the main RLCS broadcast. Kaydop might be the more celebrated player in his professional Rocket League career, but Jessie has a long history as a top 1v1 player too. Nowadays, Jessie keeps grinding the 1v1 gamemode, while Kaydop has to stay focused on 3v3 with Team Vitality.

In this match-up, Jessie doesn't just have to fight his opponent, but also his often heated mentality. Kaydop quickly showed his full range of plays, with versatile kick-off strategies. Jessie gets just as many goals back, though, and the first game is decided by a subtle flick from Jessie in overtime. Whereas the last series was mostly an offensive duel, these players test each other on offence and defence.

In game 2, Jessie stands his ground on defence, and makes the counter-attacks count. He only loses that game by one goal, and takes it right back the next game to get on match point. Kaydop turns out to be too strong to beat in the end, and the last two games go in his favour, both 9-5. When the pressure is on in game 5, Kaydop's experience gets the better of Jessie. Kaydop ramps up the aggression and secures a solid win. Still, Jessie can be proud of an impressive showing as well.

Jbot vs. WondaMike

A match-up between Jbot and WondaMike promises nothing short of a mechanical masterclass. Both players are in the North American RLCS X, on respectively Down Two Earth and eUnited. They know their way around the 1v1 gamemode too, though. Jbot even made it to the main event at the Salt Mine 2.

This turned out to be the closest match-up of SMUG 1. It went all the way to game 5, and three of those games were decided in overtime - all in favor of Jbot. Jbot just looked stronger through most of it. He comes out strong with a wavedash goal and a musty flick, and looks to destroy WondaMike in game 2. But WondaMike answers with quick reads and ceiling shots, and manages to stretch the games to overtime.

An impressive resilience from WondaMike takes the series all the way to game 5, with a lot of offensive pressure. He even gets the lead in the last game, but Jbot equalizes quickly, and wins it all in overtime: 3-2.

Eekso vs. Dead-Monster

Coming in to this match-up between competitive 1v1 masters, Galaxy Racer’s eekso was the slight favorite for his mechanical prowess. Dead-Monster from Rix.GG had quite a task ahead. The Italian had to try and beat the Englishman by playing smart and controlled, and that’s exactly what he did.

The start of this series was dominated by fast challenges from either side. They kept each other on their toes with these fast, but smart challenges. Game 1 was all eekso’s, but after that, Dead-Monster really showed up. A creative ground game to keep possession was what won him the later games. Dead-Monster had the most control and possession, which won him the series in overtime of game 4.

Main Event

Joreuz vs. Fairy Peak!

Fairy Peak! might be the more legendary player out of these two, but Joreuz can hold his own in the 1v1 arena. The Dutch rookie on Dignitas has taken down Fairy Peak! and other 1v1 giants like oKhaliD before, and he showed up ready to do it again. This time, it was Fairy Peak! who had to be careful.

Joreuz was fast, smart, and unrelenting. In this series, the 1v1 scene reached a new skill ceiling. Joreuz just outclassed the best 1v1 player of all time in the first three games. Even a great own goal off his own back board didn’t stop him from obliterating the Vitality veteran.

Only in game 4, Joreuz forgot about the theme of this event, and gave the game to Fairy. From just that game, a reverse sweep didn’t look out of the question. His mechanics pulled Joreuz back in game 5, though. It was a tense back-and-forth, and it took Joreuz a zero second goal to go to overtime, where a missed shot from Fairy Peak! closed out the series in overtime. 4-1.

Looking Ahead: SMUG 2

SMUG 1 was just the start. So what’s next? SMUG 2 is kicking off on Wednesday, November 25th, with more thrilling match-ups. Old friends and new rivals take to the field - not to play, but to win.


FLuuMP vs. CBell
Sizz vs. Rizzo
Trex vs. Zamué
Gengar vs. Mectos
Alpha54 vs. M0nkey M00n
Lionblaze vs. Mile


November 25th, 12pm EST / 6pm CET


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