Will GarrettG take on Turbo in a 1v1??? - #19 Salt Cast
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Will GarrettG take on Turbo in a 1v1??? - #19 Salt Cast

Will GarrettG take on Turbo in a 1v1??? - #19 Salt Cast

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Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon talks us through the highlights of his impressive career. He has been to every RLCS LAN, so there's a lot to discuss. The legendary GarrettG has teamed up with many other legends over the years. He started off with Turtle and Moses on Orbit eSports, and then moved on to play on NRG, which he's been signed with for almost four years now. Picking up jstn, Turbopolsa and most recently SquishyMuffinz were all big events in his live as a pro player, but of course nothing can top the grand finals of Season 5 and 8. Can GarrettG be persuaded to challenge Turbopolsa for a SMUG match? Find out in this episode of the Salt Cast.

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:41 Playing Online
4:16 Changing formats
6:14 Back in the day: Mock-It 2v2
7:12 Becoming a pro
13:10 Ruthless roster changes
15:27 Problems on Orbit eSports
20:04 Picking up jstn
24:21 RLCS Season 5 grand finals
26:14 Winning Worlds in Season 8
28:37 Losing Worlds in Season 5
29:50 Getting Turbopolsa
37:07 Revealing SMUG players
39:14 Replacing Turbopolsa with SquishyMuffinz
44:16 Rivalry with Team Envy
46:35 Playing 1v1 - SMUG against Turbopolsa?
52:12 Showmatch vs. AYYJAYY
55:55 Widechamp Round: favourites
59:11 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked
1:07:52 Outro

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