SMUG champion Comm isn't a 1s main anymore - #24 Salt Cast
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SMUG champion Comm isn't a 1s main anymore - #24 Salt Cast

SMUG champion Comm isn't a 1s main anymore - #24 Salt Cast

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Once a 1s main, now Version1's newest asset: Robert "Comm" Kyser, formerly known as Communism™, comes on the Salt Cast to talk about how it feels to be a SMUG champion. He gained Twitter fame by tilting Lachinio off the face of the earth, and now he's back to roast the whole of EU Rocket League by simply ignoring its existence. Enjoy the episode!

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⏰ Timestamps

0:00 Introduction
2:03 Losing in game 5 to Spacestation Gaming
3:25 RLCS best of 1 single elimination
5:03 Grid match-ups
6:09 Thank goodness for Liquipedia
7:44 Why Comm used to go by Communism
9:30 How Comm got started in Rocket League
10:36 Comm's first showmatch
15:00 Getting into competitive 3v3
16:24 The struggle to get into RLCS
19:44 Best memories from before RLCS X
22:08 Teaming for Pirates and Spyder for the Fall Split
23:49 Getting an offer from Version1
26:46 1s mains in RLCS
34:04 Playing with Gimmick and Torment
35:49 Being coached by Fireburner
37:32 Ranked vs. pro competition
39:52 Changes in the RLCS format
43:03 Johnnyboi's showmatches got Comm into Rocket League
44:35 Chances for new players to go pro
47:19 Comm's dream team
50:23 Being a SMUG champion
53:08 Biggest 1v1 rivalries
53:48 Comm and Jbot tilting Lachinio (
59:00 Widechamp Round: favourites
1:01:17 Widechamp Round: top 5 most mechanical pros
1:02:25 Widechamp Round: top 5 least mechanical pros
1:05:13 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked
1:09:30 Does Comm know any EU teams?
1:13:08 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked
1:14:43 Hot take: NA is better than EU
1:19:32 Outro

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