AztraL is literally too good at Rocket League - #18 Salt Cast
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AztraL is literally too good at Rocket League - #18 Salt Cast

AztraL is literally too good at Rocket League - #18 Salt Cast

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Maello "AztraL" Ernst gives us a look behind the scenes at the French scene in this episode of the Salt Cast. At a time when no RLCS team took a chance on bubble players, Dignitas kickstarted AztraL's career at the highest stage. AztraL is a talented 1v1 player who made his way into the 3v3 esports, where he now plays with Ferra and Chausette45 on Oxygen Esports. His aggressive and mechanical playstyle makes his opponents fear and respect him. The best Belgian Rocket League player to ever play the game talks about the ups and downs throughout his career with Smellsworth and Johnnyboi_i. Enjoy!

Audio version of the episode.

⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:42 Bumps and demos
2:38 The most tilting gamemode
4:17 The best gamemode to freestyle
4:47 Playing 1v1 in the early seasons
6:58 Getting started with Rocket League
8:54 Funny stories with Fairy Peak! and Chausette45
11:20 Fairy Peak! playing Pokémon
11:47 Taking Rocket League more seriously
16:06 Getting picked up by Dignitas
23:02 Playing on Dignitas
25:20 Coach Virge helped with mental issues
26:15 SMUG player reveals
30:35 Learning on Dignitas
32:31 Playing versus Jessie
36:11 Are the pros playing enough?
40:43 Joining Oxygen
43:20 Patience to improve
45:23 Different format, different playstyles
52:26 Salt Mine history
56:16 Toxic reputation
1:04:10 Twitch Rivals
1:05:41 Widechamp Round: Favorites
1:10:43 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked
1:16:24 Announcing the SMUG 3 Main Event
1:21:46 Outro

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