Arsenal best YouTuber confirmed, ya feel me? - #20 Salt Cast
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Arsenal best YouTuber confirmed, ya feel me? - #20 Salt Cast

Arsenal best YouTuber confirmed, ya feel me? - #20 Salt Cast

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Tshaka "Arsenal" Lateef Taylor Jr is an established force on Spacestation Gaming, only two years after he took the NA pro scene by storm. Arsenal went from grinding 6Mans to finding himself qualifying for the Rival Series with The Peeps. He might sometimes struggle with his mentality, but when he's in the right mindset, his team is in the conversation for the best team in NA. On this episode on the Salt Cast, Arsenal discusses the communication on SSG, the flow state, and the upcoming SMUG 4 matches. Enjoy!

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
1:07 Getting prejumped and breaking monitors
3:40 Arsenal's beginnings and 6Mans promotions
6:14 Discovering the RLRS
7:40 Teaming with retals
11:23 Starting on SSG
17:05 Content creation
21:00 Retals on SSG
22:32 Multiple Arsenals
25:33 Rivalry with NRG
27:16 jstn: best player in the world?
29:42 Rivalry with Team Envy
30:49 Arsenal's role on SSG
33:03 SSG's unique team comms
35:38 Music to vibe to
38:20 The loudest players on SSG
39:48 Food choices
43:51 1v1 abilities in 3v3
49:54 Arsenal vs. retals
51:00 Getting in the flow state:tm:
54:54 Arsenal in SMUG?
57:10 Book recommendation: The Inner Game Of Tennis
1:02:18 SMUG 4 predictions and reveals
1:07:47 retals trash talking
1:09:19 SMUG 4 reveal
1:12:59 Widechamp Round: favourites
1:15:18 Widechamp Round: team, demo, ranked
1:27:16 Follow Arsenal on Twitter and YouTube
1:29:43 Outro

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