The Rocket League hot takes world record with First Touch - #32 Salt Cast
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The Rocket League hot takes world record with First Touch - #32 Salt Cast

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First Touch and Salt Cast, name a more iconic duo. RLCS caster Demar "Dazerin" Williams, CRL champion Tyler "Tbates" Bates and RLCS pro player Raul "Roll Dizz" Diaz join Matt and Johnny to talk about all things Rocket League. Podcasts, speedy regions, kickoffs... you bet they have an opinion on it. Enjoy the most stacked episode of the Salt Cast!

⏰ Timestamps

0:00 Introduction
0:48 The saltiest First Touch member
4:05 Why First Touch works so well
6:41 Hate comments
9:36 First Touch's origin story
12:38 The future of First Touch
20:40 Guild vs. NA super team
26:52 The fastest regions
49:58 Upcoming players and comms
1:00:45 Underrated gameplay
1:22:20 Kickoff strategies
1:26:27 Favourites
1:29:40 Team, Demo, Ranked: NRG
1:32:07 Team, Demo, Ranked: Sandrock Gaming
1:34:52 Team, Demo, Ranked: Team BDS
1:38:20 Team, Demo, Ranked: NA super team
1:43:27 Team, Demo, Ranked: Vitality
1:47:17 Team, Demo, Ranked: Guild
1:52:02 Hot takes
2:03:22 Content creation
2:08:19 Outro

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